Operational base with a wireless remote control with the function of raising the head and foot to an ideal position. Equipped with massages and memory keys to activate your favorite positions.

The weight limit of 800 pounds can be distributed over the entire surface of the base.


Compatible with most beds, this base has dimensions allowing it to be integrated into the majority of wooden or upholstered bed bases. Adjustable and easily adjustable legs.

Massage Cycles

Integrated massage cycles at the lumbar level and lower body with 3 intensity levels and timer. The pre-programmed zero gravity position allows for optimal blood circulation.


The warranty is 2 years on the remote control, 5 years on the electrical circuit and the motor, as well as 20 years on the steel structure.

Simple XL Dimensions

39" × 80"

Double Dimensions

53" × 75"

Double XL Dimensions

54" × 80"

Queen Dimensions

60" × 80"

Queen Separate Head Dimensions

60" × 80"

Queen Separate Head & Foot Dimensions

60" × 80"

King Dimensions

76" × 80"

King Separate Head Dimensions

76" × 80"

King Separate Head & Foot Dimensions

76" × 80"