• ressort-ensach

    More effective Pocket Coils

    They reduce the movement transfer and marry the forms of the body. Their steel wire allows a better resilience.

  • soutien

    Perfect Support

    Our springs are positioned in parallel and have a central reinforcement to ensure a perfect back support where nearly 75% of the body weight is distributed.

  • contour-rigide

    Reinforced Contour

    3 "thick perforated foam reinforcement perimeter keeps the coil spring set in place and removes excess heat.

  • memory-gel

    Gel Infused Memory Foam

    Reduces pressure points on the top surface and is cooler than conventional memory foam.

  • smartsleep

    Smart Sleep Memory Foam

    Instant memory foam reaction that is not heat sensitive. This foam will keep the same comfort throughout the night.

  • activgel

    ActiveGel memory foam

    Reduces the pressure points on the top surface and captivates 9 times more heat energy and provides a feeling of freshness.

  • cool-gel

    Viscogel Foam

    Gel pad with thermoregulation system that keeps the body temperature at 4 ° cooler and provides a feeling of freshness. Improves blood circulation and promotes oxygenation of body tissues. Also reduces the risk of muscle inflammation.

  • ecologique

    Eco-Friendly Latex

    Made from the rubber tree this natural foam is ideal for people with allergies to dust and mites. Perforated foam for constant ventilation and a better distribution of body weight on the mattress surface.

  • 360-ventilation

    Ventilated foam 360 °

    Aerated foam acts as a purifier that promotes air circulation and repels moisture generated by the heat of the body.

  • washable

    Washable Memory Foam:

    Innovative machine washable foam that thoroughly removes bacteria and mold residues.

  • water-mousse

    Water-based foam

    Foam emulsified with water without the use of chemical blowing agents ideal for all environmentally conscious consumers!

  • lavande

    Foam infused with essential oil of Lavender

    Essential oil that fights insomnia and anxiety promoting relaxation and deeper sleep.

  • eucaliptus

    Foam infused with Eucalyptus essential oil

    Essential oil used medicinally promotes the release of airways and is a good remedy against colds and flu.

  • tencel

    Tencel® fiber fabric

    Ecological wood chip extract, Tencel® fiber provides a softer comfort and prevents irritation of the skin.

  • activebreeze

    ActiveBreeze Fabric

    Fiber extract used in high-performance sportswear quickly hides excess moisture for cooler sleep.

  • cachemire

    Silk Cashmere Fiber

    Barrier against moisture and gives the effect of sleeping on a cloud.