You have just purchased a brand new Avanti mattress. We sincerely thank you for allowing Avanti to participate in your everyday well-being and we are sure that your nights will be very enjoyable. Please take a few minutes to read the warranty and service information for your new Avanti Mattress. You will have assets in hand to protect your new investment!

  • The warranty covers defects in manufacturing materials of your mattress and box spring, manufactured by Avanti Inc., used under normal conditions according to the terms of warranty applied to your type of mattress. The warranty does not cover the problems of discomfort related to the customer's wrong mattress selection.
  • Body impressions less than 2 inches are not considered as defected. It is a characteristic of normal wear and can be excluded from the warranty. Impressions caused by the perimeter system are also not covered by the warranty. A loss of firmness in the foams is also associated with normal wear and tear.
  • The replacement of one element does not necessarily mean the replacement of the other. If for example, only the mattress has been analyzed defective, only the mattress will be repaired or replaced as needed.
  • This comprehensive warranty is valid only if the mattress has been used on its corresponding bed base or platform bed with central support. The guarantee is reduced by half if the mattress is damaged by an inappropriate bed base. The mattress has been designed to provide maximum performance when used with its original foundation. The mattress set must have a bed frame that is also suitable with a central leg.
  • This limited warranty is provided only to the original owner with the support of his proof of purchase.
  • An inspection revealing a lack of hygiene or inappropriate use in unsanitary conditions will void the entire warranty.
  • This warranty does not apply to fabrics, yarns and seams unless there is a genuine apparent defect. In this situation the customer will have to provide proof that his mattress has indeed been protected by a mattress protector.
  • The warranty excludes all damages incurred during shipping or delivery.
  • If there is a breakage due to a manufacturing defect during the warranty period, Avanti Inc. will proceed, at its discretion, to the repair or replacement of the mattress or box spring of the set, without further costs than those of transportation and those of degenerative guarantees
  • Avanti Inc. reserves the right to replace materials or models of mattresses by others, of comparable quality, and gives no guarantee as to the arrangement of the covering fabric of the spare element with that of the original element. The customer's proof of purchase must be provided, along with the delivery date of the item, in order to take full advantage of your warranty.
  • Repair or replacement times may vary depending on the time of year and the territories.
  • A single exchange of mattress and/or box spring for the entire period covered by the warranty.