How to ensure a good night's sleep on a campsite

Wondering if it is possible to sleep well outdoors?

Studies show that sleeping far away from the artificial light and waking up with natural sunlight can restore your circadian rhythm, which will help you feel invigorated after a good night's sleep. But to sleep well at night, it is important to be warm, dry and comfortable.

Here are some tips for sleeping comfortably while camping :

1. Look for the best place to pitch a tent.

Dressez votre tente sur une surface plane et de niveau. Enlevez les roches, les bouts de bois ou tout objet pointu avant d’installer la tente.

2. Choose adequate bedding

If you choose an inflatable mattress or air bed, make sure it is adjustable, easy to inflate and able to isolate you from the hard floor. 

Our Coleman friends recommend their all-terrain air mattress with Puncture Guard technology, which they describe as a "true revolution in comfort".

This high bed isolates you from the ground with ComfortStrong coil springs. It is easy to inflate with the supplied 120V pump, and the factory tested AirTight system ensures no leaks. 

You will also need to choose a suitable sleeping bag based on the temperature rating, shape and type of insulation. Be on the lookout for more interesting items such as pillow sleeves or storage pouches.

For example, this ComfortSmart sleeping bag has the following features:

  • ZipPlow zipper to open and close the bag without stuck
  • Comfort Cuff to wrap your face gently while you sleep
  • Roll Control keeps the bag straight while you roll it
  • Quick Cord technology allows a person to roll the bag easily and without help
  • Removable pillow sleeve to keep your pillow in place
  • Convenient inner pocket for storing small items
  • Possibility of assembling two bags for a couple

3. Stay Warm

Get well fed and hydrated to feed your indoor furnace. Remember to go to the bathroom before you slip into your bag.

The key to staying warm is to avoid sweat. Put on clean clothes before going to bed. Put in several layers, but not so much that you sweat while you sleep

* Professional advice * If the temperature drops, wear a tuque or sleep inside your sleeping bag. We lose a lot of heat by the head.

4. Do not invite nocturnal visitors

To do this, you must store all food and toiletries away from the outside of your tent before going to sleep. Motorists-campers must put in their vehicles anything that could attract wild animals.

5. Get tired

One of the reasons people generally sleep better while camping is that they are often more active.

To make sure you're sleepy after the sun goes down, spend the day hiking, swimming, biking, learning and paddling. You will not need to count the sheep if you have breathed fresh air and explored the park during the day.

Sweet Dreams!

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